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Our vision and mission

Our society „Vilniaus Viltis“ is the social non-governmental organisation uniting persons with mental disability, their family members, caregivers. Our everyday task is to represent and protect our members’ interests and address other public needs.


To seek for full quality life and equal opportunities in society for persons with mental disabilities and their family members, in accordance with UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).


  • To reduce discrimination and isolation of persons with mental disabilities, initiate creation of bodies within the community, provide social services to people with mental disability and their families.
  • To implement full-scale learning process at all levels of persons with mental disabilities, provide medical care and more adequate social protection; to implement employment and occupational activity subject to special needs and capabilities, ensuring personal fulfillment with an objective aimed at public good.

Objectives, activity fields and types of the society "Vilniaus viltis"

  1. To protect rights, freedoms and dignity of children, young people and adults with mental disability and their families in institutions at all levels, help meet their social, cultural and other needs.
  2. To seek to ensure that the provisions within international legislation and that of the Republic of Lithuania relating to discrimination and exploitation of persons with disability, the elimination of social exclusion of persons with disability, their equal rights to education, employment, social welfare and integration into society be adhered to.
  3. To unite children, young people and adults with mental disability, as well as their families, caregivers and other persons acting for and on behalf of the above-named persons, who reside in Vilnius, and to promote the overall integration of persons with mental disability into society.
  4. To encourage development of social rehabilitation methods for people with mental disabilities and make its practical implementation as more target-focussed as possible.
  5. To help people with mental disabilities and their family members to exercise their rights and legitimate interests.
  6. The society „Vilniaus Viltis“ activity fields are as follows: healthcare, education and science, social sphere, employment, rehabilitation, vocational training, culture, sports, activities, related with the above said ones, and other activities.
  7. Types of activities are as follows: integration of persons with mental disabilities, a goal to ensure equal opportunities in all areas of life; information gathering and publishing; supervision of implementation of regulations; cooperation with the state institutions and foreign organizations in all levels; organisation of events, intermediation, representation, provision of general and special social services.


  1. To represent its members, to protect their rights and interests.
  2. To cooperate with the state institutions at all levels with competence to solve problems of people with mental disabilities and, under the general integration programs designed for persons with mental disabilities, help to implement the humanistic reform of social system.
  3. To cooperate with public organizations and private persons, whose activities purposefully contributes to successful implementation of the above mentioned reform.
  4. To cooperate with foreign organizations dealing with problems for persons with mental disabilities, in order to take over their experience gathered in social system development and introduce it in practice.
  5. To collect and provide the legal, social and other necessary information to members of the society „Vilniaus Viltis“ with a view to achieving as full and successful as possible integration.
  6. To organise and ensure employment, social and vocational rehabilitation of persons with mental disabilities, to promote their independent living skills and develop targeted social services.
  7. To organize cultural activities, training, leisure, recreation and sports for persons with mental disabilities and their family members.
  8. To organize and pursue other activities, ensuring full integration and full-rate life of persons with mental disabilities.
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